July 22, 2015

Introducing inMotion

Our research team at Teads have been busy bringing the industry insights into the state of the digital landscape. Today we’re very pleased to announce the launch of our dedicated automotive website, inMotion (see what we did there?)

Using data from Teads Labs, analysts have examined the most successful videos published by major motoring brands in the last 15 months, looking at views and interaction rates to measure their success.

mini_introConsequently there were 6 major content trends drawn from the videos, which gives a wonderful understanding into how these automotive giants are powering their communication using video. It’s interesting to note that automotive branded videos are the 4th most-viewed category worldwide and produce 15% of the top 5 content pieces.

Learn about how brand videos use cities as an urban playground, how they push their cars to the limit and their communication with other brands, like Audi and Porsches’ dialogue when Porsche returned to Silverstone racing. It’s a must read for those involved in the car industry.

The automotive website is the latest in our industry verticals, joining luxury focused, Once Upon A Time’. Have a read of both for a thorough analysis of the top video content trends.

To learn more about Teads research, take a look at our dedicated research and insights page.

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