March 8, 2015

International Womens Day

Sunday March 8th marks International Women’s Day, and Teads has put a spotlight on the brilliant women in our offices across the world.

IWD wants to celebrate the achievement of women, while still recognising the disadvantages faced by many. IWD asks people to do their bit ‘to ensure that the future for girls is bright, equal, safe and rewarding.’



It’s really challenging to get any hard statistics on how many women there are in the technology industry, but a report by the research company Gartner, showed that in Europe, the Middle East and Africa women occupied 11.2% of leadership roles. In North America it was 18.1% and Latin America 13.4%. There are lots of brilliant initiatives detailed in the article which are working to ensure these numbers rise, which is definitely worth a read.



At Teads we’re pleased to have Rebecca Mahony at an Executive level as our Chief Marketing Officer and Caroline Barbery as our Chief Finance Officer. Rebecca was recently recognised by New York Business Journal as a Woman of Influence, as one of the youngest female executives in the advertising technology industry to date. And as the photos show, there are brilliant and intelligent women in key roles at Teads across the world – from sales to marketing to ops to development.

So today (as we should do every day) lets show our appreciation towards all the fantastic women in the world, in technology and especially at Teads.


milan and rom



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