#BalanceforBetter is the theme of International Women’s Day 2019 with a focus is on raising awareness for gender balance in the workplace. This concept hits home for Teads and is something we’ve become passionate about since launching MIX. We launched MIX, the Media Inclusion Experience, this year to help bridge the diversity and age gap in our industry.

What we love about this theme is that it urges everyone across industries to look inward and see where they can accelerate and prioritize gender balance. We’d love to work towards a world where an International Women’s Day is no longer necessary because gender balance and equal pay are the rule, not the exception. In the meantime, we want to take this day as an opportunity to celebrate the incredible women we work with.These are women we nominated that we feel embody these categories and that inspire us to deliver more in our day-to-day and within the industry.

We asked each of them what their nomination means to them. In their own words:


Female Innovator

Jennifer Parniani, VP Programmatic at Cadreon


“Most marketing challenges are not solved (successfully anyway) in 2D.  Our customers 

come from divergent backgrounds and if our goal is to create strategies that will connect with them (which it should be), we need to consider the diversity of their experiences and perspectives.  We can only do this successfully if the diversity in our teams mirror that of our consumers. I consider myself lucky, in that I work for an organization that sees this, and continues to support not only female innovators, but innovators of all backgrounds and gender identifications.  Being a female innovator, to me, means being cognizant of my experiences and points of view as a woman and how they differ from my colleagues of different genders and backgrounds. Looking for answers in the same place will not yield innovation, we are most successful at driving innovation when we not only consider, but actively seek out, points of view that are in contrast to our own.”


Rising Star

Julia Barrett, Media Director, Integrated at Carat 


A rising star in this industry is someone who has a lofty, innovative agenda for the future of their brand and team they work on, beyond just the ability to deal with day-to-day crisis. It’s someone who can easily adapt to new situations, finding opportunities in everything they do, even when the change involved can be confusing and potentially frustrating. Most importantly, it’s someone who can motivate the people around them to turn potentials into realities.”


Team Player

Sharon Boddie, Senior Manager, Digital Media at Amazon Studios 

“Being a team player means helping others – through coaching, mentoring, hiring and encouraging everyone to shine and succeed.  Team players earn trust from everyone they work with at all levels – be reliable, positive and straightforward. You need to seek out, encourage and actively listen to divergent and quieter opinions to get input and insight from the full team.  And bring your “A” game.”


Working Mom

Autumn White, EVP of Digital, Managing Partner at Horizon Media

“Being a working mom in the industry is all about balance. Balancing work, family, and just being a person. I am constantly pulled in many directions and always want to please everyone and do my best work. Success is realizing you can’t do everything and please everyone. Setting priorities and boundaries have been key for me and acknowledging that sometimes you are awesome at work and less awesome at home and sometimes it’s the other way around.”


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