February 13, 2015

inRead outperforms pre-roll according to Nielsen commissioned research

The format of an online video ad and the context in which it appears have a material impact on ad effectiveness metrics, according to a new Nielsen study commissioned by Teads launched today.

Nielsen created two mock-up ad environments, each featuring the same consumer electronics brand video ad. However, in one environment the ad creative was delivered using the Teads inRead format, and a skippable pre-roll format was used in the other.


inRead boosts purchase intent

The report reveals that Teads’ inRead format outperformed the skippable pre-roll across a range of metrics, including purchase intent.

  • A third (30%) of users shown ads through the Teads format said they were likely to purchase the advertised consumer electronics product, compared to just a fifth (20%) of those who watched it through skippable pre-roll – an increase of 50%.
  • This is even greater amongst viewers aged between 18-34 years old, where purchase intent increases by 74% compared to skippable pre-roll. Millennials also show a 60% increase in likelihood to recommend the brand when viewed in the inRead format.

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inRead: good for brands, good for publishers

Teads’ outstream inRead format gives users full control over how they watch video advertising, allowing them to choose when they activate sound or if they skip from the start. For premium publishers, this format not only unlocks valuable inventory on their websites, but also provides the quality brand experience their readers demand.

Consumers noticed that inRead only places ads within premium, relevant content, as they were more likely to say that the inRead ad felt like a natural fit for the other information. Additionally…

  • inRead viewers were likely to watch the ad all the way through because they thought the ad fit visually with the rest of the webpage (26%) and other content on the page (18%).
  • Ad likability showed a 21% lift when viewed in the inRead format, compared to when it was run within the skippable pre-roll.


The study’s findings will make essential reading for brands that are, according toMagnaglobal, expected to spend $11.4 billion on online video advertising in 2016.

Bertrand Queseda, our CEO comments on the findings, “As an industry, we place huge emphasis on the quality of ad creative, which is of course vital to the success of any campaign. But the format in which an ad is delivered and the content that surrounds it is also crucial to whether someone recommends a brand or buys a product.”


“This is critical to understand,” Quesada continues, “you may have the best ad creative in the world, but if it interrupts user’s experience, it could actually damage your brand. Teads’ inRead offers a win-win situation for brands and publishers alike by seamlessly integrating with editorial content to ensure ads enhance a brand’s creative rather than devalue it. For publishers, it also provides valuable premium inventory without having to spend time and money creating their own video content.”

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