June 15, 2015

Innovation and creation

The year Lions Innovation debuts at Cannes, a ‘festival within the Festival’, described as a unique two-day event where data, technology and creativity will intersect. As well as presentations and networking opportunities, they will celebrate the best in in the business in awards that champion the use of innovation and creative data.

While at a first glance some may feel tech and creatives are polar opposites, we agree that the relationship is complementary. As Brian Wong, CEO at Kiip said, ‘it’s about time that there was a forum devoted to seeing how technology, creativity and innovation collide’.

It’s our view that technology can only enhance the impact of creatives. Take the biggest debate in the advertising industry for example: viewability. The developments of new technologies means that ads which were previously unviewable are now seen, through new formats and tracking which combats fraud.

Third party software companies like MOAT allows viewability to be audited, while Affectiva hotspots where a user’s eyes are focused on the screen. They also analyse facial expressions to track emotional responses to the ads, useful feedback for creatives.

Geo-targeting allows ads to be served where the consumer is, however this is becoming rapidly more sophisticated and specific. Recently Diageo’s Pimms launched a campaign which appeared on billboards across London and Birmingham when the local temperature hit 21 degrees. Senior brand manager, Joanna Segesser said ‘technology is allowing us to target consumers at just the right temperature when we know they are most responsive to our messaging’.

Because really, what’s the point in the most amazing creative if it can’t be seen? And if it is seen – who is it being seen by?

Technology innovation is solving one of the biggest problems in advertising, and should be celebrated by creatives, brands, agencies and publishers alike. It’s yet another reason why we’re looking forward to Cannes– see you in a couple of weeks!


Teads will be at Cannes Lions all week. Find out more and RSVP to our events held on our Yacht here.

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