May 30, 2017

The Future of Digital Advertising: AI & Advertising Webinar

Personalized Ads for Everyone

The next big leap in Digital Advertising will make every brand message interactive and personalized. By focusing and targeting individual users based on that specific individual’s interests will increase consumer conversions exponentially. Using diverse elements, AI will flawlessly assemble the right creative approach for the right person, at the right time – and in real time- based on data and the behavioral profile of the individual consumer.

A brand won’t have just one version of a video ad, or even two or three. Rather, it’ll have a unique version of the ad for ever consumer tailored specifically to that consumer’s specifications.

In Teads’ recent webinar, CEO of Teads Studio and CMO, Emi Gal discusses the future of dynamic, AI –fueled advertising.

“Soon, instead of a few variations, a brand will have a million personalized versions of an ad, dynamically presented to a million different people” says Emi Gal.

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