May 26, 2015

Exploring Teads’ Mobile SDK With Beet.TV

Our CEO & Co-Founder Bertrand Quesada recently spoke with Beet.TV about the adoption of Teads’ mobile SDK formats by global premium publishers. Unlike “interruptive interstitial” banner and footer advertisements that commonly hit users who are perusing the mobile web, Teads’ outstream video formats for mobile are seamlessly integrated into the heart of publishers’ editorial content. As with all of our formats, Teads’ mobile outstream video formats are skippable from the start – ensuring that users only watch the video if they care to do so – and advertisers are only billed if the user watches their video for a complete 30 seconds.

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 9.54.12 AM

The design of Teads’ mobile video formats is rendered most attractive to publishers. ‘Viewable by design’ and natively positioned, Teads’ SDK formats not only raise video inventory and revenue for publishers, but also maintain the user experience value of their mobile sites. This key component is rendered attractive to advertisers as well, since users are more likely to engage with content that’s non-interruptive and naturally fitting to a site’s content (see Nielsen study).

For publishers, getting started on selling Teads’ outstream video formats is simple, too. Bertrand explains how publishers can either utilize their own digital sales team to market the inventory themselves; access Teads’ own managed services team to connect with advertisers; or sell the inventory via programmatic.

Lean in on Quesada’s conversation with Beet.TV! You can watch the interview here:

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