March 10, 2021

Empowering publishers in 2021 and beyond.

As long as Teads has existed, we have been driven by the idea that publishers need to be able to monetize their content while not negatively impacting the experience of their readers. It’s not an easy balance to find and, as digital has evolved over the years, there have been times where it seemed the monetization gap between UGC platforms and those driven by quality journalism might be insurmountable.

But over the past few years, those differences have shallowed. Trust in social has faded, and few ad tech platforms have become long-term, trusted partners that enable magazines, news brands, local press and digital publishers to not just survive in the digital age, but thrive.

Teads’ platform originally started out as a pure video SSP, connecting brands to quality consumers and creating massive, incremental inventory for the world’s’ best publishing brands by inventing the concept of outstream video. But we’re so much more than that now. For our publishers, we are a truly full-stack technology partner, allowing them to serve video, rich media display and native ads across their full suite of content, on all platforms. By leaning into the written article as a placement, ads are viewable and brand safe by design at huge scale – we now reach 1.9 billion unique users each month.

It’s also true that, not just in the laboratory conditions of pitch meetings but out in the wild, our innovative formats are the most engaging and perform the best, whether on mobile or desktop.

That’s why we’re delivering in the best environments, whether it’s the BBC, The Economist, The Washington Post, Der Spiegel or The Guardian – where consumers have the highest expectations for user experience.

Because we’ve been building this tech stack for over 10 years now, it also means that we have proprietary AI which has a deep understanding of  readers’ behaviours and editorial context. So we’re well equipped to help publishers navigate the cookieless future, helping to deliver business results for brands without impacting user privacy.

This is not easy work. Recent history is littered with technology companies who have tried to emulate our model, but have been unable to procure exclusive, strategic publisher partnerships and global relationships with agency holding groups, and advertisers directly, which all ensures that we’re one of the top monetization partners for premium editorial publishers in the world.

In 2020, one of the hardest years for advertising in recent history, we retained 100% of our strategic publisher partnerships. And in 2021 we’re continuing to build and grow in order to match the relentless increase in demand we’re seeing from media buyers around the world. 

This content series then, will tell that story in 2021 and beyond. How we’re Empowering Media brands, to establish greater market share for our partners and us, and ultimately achieve our mission, to:

Foster a sustainable advertising and media ecosystem by funding quality journalism and respectfully connecting brands to consumers.

And while the global news outlets might be top of mind for some, it’s crucial to remember the range of organisations in our Global Media Platform. So we’re kicking off this series with Tribune Publishing.

Headquartered in Chicago, Tribune Publishing Company operates some of the most respected local media businesses in the US, including the Chicago Tribune, New York Daily News and The Baltimore Sun.

Local news outlets are a crucial part of society and culture, never more so than right now. With travel restrictions and policy changes affecting us at a micro level, we have all become hyper-local. Having a sense of community and understanding what is changing around us is essential. However, the pandemic and resulting economic crisis have accelerated a disturbing trend of ad dollars being siphoned away from local publishers to larger walled-garden platforms. Tribune’s brands are committed to informing, inspiring and engaging local communities, and ultimately for supporting our democracy. Advertisers should be leveraging the intimate relationship that these publishers have with their engaged readership.

Tribune has worked with Teads for 5 years now, and we’re so proud to announce the renewal of our exclusive outstream video partnership at the start of 2021. These long-standing relationships allow a deep understanding of each other’s businesses as well, which is showcased by Tribune’s use of Teads for Publishers Suite, not just as a monetization partner but also one of our first partners to leverage our ad server for direct sales of Teads products.

Chris Shoup, VP Finance and Digital Operations at Tribune Publishing said: 

Tribune is excited to continue its relationship with Teads. Our longstanding partnership and access to Teads’ full stack offering has helped enhance our direct sales and also leverages demand from Teads.

Throughout our partnership we have been thrilled to work with a platform that offer consistent revenue growth and we look forward to even more development as we move into the next phase of our relationship.”


We’re really looking forward to sharing more updates throughout this series. Keep tuned in, there’s lots more to come!

Eric Shih, Global SVP Business Development, Teads

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