June 3, 2015

eMarketer’s Latest Report on US Mobile Video: The Takeaways

186665It’s clear that the industry’s abuzz with mobile video’s increasing year over year projected growth, and eMarketer’s latest US Mobile Video Advertising report has hard stats to back the hype up. Compared to 2014, eMarketer predicts that by 2019, total US video viewers and penetration via smartphone will increase by  32% and via tablet by 26%. With more eyes streaming media on mobile, advertisers shift their video budgets and plans accordingly. By the completion of 2015, eMarketer reports that mobile video ad spend will have accounted for more than one third of total digital video advertising budgets, and by 2019 it will account for about 47%.

Mobile video, argues eMarketer, has its clear advantages. With a smaller screen sizes across tablet and smartphone devises, mobile video ads can optimize engagement through a fully visible, full-screen approach. Also, due to the fact that mobile users must tap their screens to navigate, mobile video ads tend to benefit from increased click-through and completion rates.

Despite the positives that mobile video can offer, marketers continue express trepidation when it comes to embracing the medium whole heartedly, citing a lack of standard formats in a recent IAB survey as the key concern. With so many emerging digital video formats, marketers find it tricky to hone in on which campaign distribution strategy best suits their campaign’s goals. This overall market fragmentation, eMarketer explains, keeps marketers shy from stepping beyond the comfortable realm of linear to experiment with new opportunities .


Still, the trend towards mobile video advertising is undoubtedly increasing with each passing day, and Teads is proud to be apart of what’s fueling the momentum. Check out our outstream video solutions for mobile, learn about our monumental SDK rollout for publishers, and (if you’re in New York City tomorrow morning) attend out Outstream Summit, where mobile and data will be explored at length as a key panel topic.

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