June 9, 2015

DIGITAL VIDEO: IAB Marketplace, Teads Town Hall Recap

Earlier this evening, Teads’ Managing Director, North America Jim Daily was proud to host a Town Hall session alongside IAB’s Elaine Boxer at DIGITAL VIDEO: IAB Marketplace in New York City. While the IAB event at large explored the unique opportunities that digital video offers US marketers, Daily’s Town Hall session held a microscope to the topic of emerging digital video formats. A frank perspective for anyone who’s interested in peering into the personal experiences and candid concerns of digital video go-getters, this Town Hall session was fueled with buzz about viewability’s rocky relationship with ad spend; VPAID’s [slow, but sure] adoption rate in the typical marketer’s roadmap; programmatic’s relevance to the demand for certain video formats; and how big data plays into [expensive] video format studies on engagement and brand lift.

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 10889

Driving home the session’s ultimate takeaway, Daily asked the packed audience, ‘When was the last time you got absolutely psyched for a pre-roll advertisement?’ Silent, the audience ruffled in their response, saying that pre-roll advertising succeeds in distributing content at scale, however it fails to capture meaningful audience engagement. Video advertising, everyone agreed, should provide an optimal user-experience, and be served within brand-safe, premium content. Approaching video advertising from that angle is the golden egg to generating traceable and believable campaign results. At this juncture in the conversation, audience members turned to outstream advertising as an example of how digital video can achieve a seamless advertising experience. One town hall participant went so far as to describe Teads’ inRead unit as ‘beautiful.’

At the session’s conclusion, Daily & Mandy Gardiner, Reginal Director, East Coast of ViralGains, shared their thoughts on how the session went:

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