Data Solutions

Responsibly engage with your consumers.

The data ecosystem can be fragmented, complex and lack transparency. Teads believes data and targeting solutions should be simple, accurate, effective and sustainable for a cookieless world.

So we built a suite of proprietary data solutions that will take the guesswork out of your targeting strategies.

Targeting solutions Simple. Accurate. Effective. Sustainable.
Discover our sustainable targeting solutions to engage with your consumers at their highest moments of receptivity and maximize your ROAS.

Teads audiences
Reach your consumers with accuracy at scale

We have built deep capabilities to understand how people consume and engage with premium editorial content.
Reach your audience by leveraging our proprietary Teads 1st-party data covering interests & demographics as well as curated data segments from leading 3rd-party providers.

Teads audiences

Curated audiences created to deliver accuracy at scale. As a result of the curation, our demographic accuracy is on average +30% more accurate than the industry benchmarks.

Custom audiences

Custom data recommendations created by our data experts to deliver on a client’s targeting objectives and supporting precision marketing needs.

Brand 1st party audiences

Seamlessly onboard your 1st-party data and leverage it within Teads ecosystem for direct messaging and to find similar users.

Teads contextual
Amplify your marketing message

Leverage our unique and granular catalogue of 500+ contextual segments to find the highest moments of users' receptivity. Teads contextual is based on a deep semantic analysis of the most relevant premium editorial content.

Your ad is delivered right at the middle of the article to truly amplify your marketing message based on the content being read by the users.

Semantic analysis

Towards a cookieless world

The end of the cookies is not the end of the world but the beginning of a new era. We have taken a privacy-first approach in developing cookieless solutions providing you with sustainable personalization capabilities.
Most of your targeting needs can already be effectively covered today without cookies and with proven effectiveness.

From educational sessions to concrete media activation, we support your cookieless transformation.

Planning & Insights Plan. Activate. Learn. Iterate.
Benefit from unique insights to enhance your consumers’ knowledge and decision-making.
Teads Live Planner

Teads Live Planner

Teads Live Planner
Ensure the feasibility of your campaigns and explore the most relevant options using our Live Planner.

Teads Insights

Audience Insights

Extend the knowledge you have on your consumers by analyzing how they behave and engage with premium editorial content.

Media Barometer

Understand the latest trends of premium editorial content consumption to improve your digital media strategy.

Success Story

Mastercard Logo Dark
They're also a step ahead of the industry’s changes, like cookieless, where we are already leveraging Teads Ad Manager data segments and contextual targeting to overcome these challenges.
Jose V. Luque
Head of Media & Agency Relations, Mastercard LATAM