September 2, 2015

CDO World Tour: Gerhard Louw, Deutsche Telekom


The latest CDO world tour interview has just been released, and this week, Gerhard Louw, International Media Manager for Deutsche Telekom spoke about his perspective on what it means to be a leader in online media.

The interview kicks off by asking Louw how he would define ‘digital transformation’ at his company, to which he replied by stating that such a concept is core to Deutsche Telekom’s business. A digitally-focused company, like Deutsche Telekom, should be willing to undergo what Louw describes as a ‘long and arduous journey’- one that involves the ‘digitization of everything’ it does.

From there, Louw explains the immense process that’s currently taking place at Deutsche Telekom to make everything applicable for online consumption. This effort, Louw explains, is crucial to his company’s ability to connect with its massive, loyal audience. As more and more consumers spend time online, Louw notes, Deutesche Telekom has made it a priority to create a winning digital strategy- from targeting the right audience at the right time, to ensuring that all loose ends of communication are neatly bound. Ultimately, Louw conveys, Deutsche Telekom’s digital revamping efforts are meticulous and, most importantly, committed to achieving exceptional quality.

As a leading digital video advertising technology company, the Teads team applauds Louw’s effort to integrate digital into all aspects and departments of Deutsche Telekom. To learn more about Louw’s unique insights on the rapidly transforming digital landscape, we invite you to check out his full interview.

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