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Background & Objective

Teads ran a head to head test for ASICS for Deal ID vs. Teads Ad Manager. Teads Ad Manager allows clients to buy guaranteed viewability on a per-second buying model for both video + display.
The goal of the test was to see performance for Teads Ad Manager.


Teads ran two campaigns on a CPCV on Teads guaranteed performance, increased AV and minimized ad spend waste with cost efficient bid raises.

Buying On Viewable CPMs Levels The Playing Field Across Programmatic

Teads is a strategic partner for delivering business results.
Philip Bryant
Sr. Marketing Manager, ASICS North America
“ASICS has seen very strong viewability with Teads thus far, and we’re looking forward to using the new vCPM buying model, which should guarantee an even greater level of performance for our campaigns.”


uplift in click-through rate
uplift in average
in-view time
uplift in
Source: Teads Internal Data & Moat Viewability, US Q2 2019

Products used

Teads ad Manager
To apply contextual targeting through Teads’ self-service ad platform.
The outstream solution for brands: a user-first ad experience, viewable by design, powered by premium content.
To optimize existing creatives, based on Creative Lab insights.
To understand the emotional reactions of a panel using facial coding test.
Teads Insights
To understand comparative creative performance against key campaign KPIs.

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