Case Study: Absolut Extrakt

Teads integrates platforms and augmented reality for an innovative user experience
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Optimizing engagement to generate conversions across platforms

Teads created the perfect recipe for the launch of Absolut Extrakt in Brazil. By implementing an AR experience and integrating WhatsApp and Rappi platforms, consumers could interact with the brand, learn how to prepare drinks, share recipes and order a bottle through delivery.

More than 1.4M users impacted with a frequency of 1.5

Background & Objective

Pernod Ricard partnered with Teads to launch Absolut Extrakt in Brazil by providing a remarkable, consumer-centric ad experience that reflects the exclusive value proposition of the product.


Teads delivered the campaign in two phases. First, users were impacted with an interactive ad using AR. During the second phase, they were retargeted and impacted with ads optimized by Teads Studio which encouraged them to share recipes via WhatsApp and order a bottle of Absolut Extrakt via Rappi.

An innovative solution for an innovative product

Teads is a strategic partner for delivering business results.

Gabriela Parias
Media Manager, Pernod Brazil
“For Pernod Ricard, consumer-focused innovation is one of the most important pillars in media strategies and brand activations. The partnership with Teads has provided consumers with a solution that caters to their needs, being in the center of the conversation. We’ve got unique results!”
Theo Lima
Sales Director, Teads Brazil
“Pernod Ricard and Teads have a great history of using their partnership to drive innovation. In this campaign for Absolut, we used a unique combination of data, segmentation and integration with other platforms. This strategy achieved effective brand engagement and delivered consistent business results.”

First Phase

AR for a fully integrated experience.

Absolute Extrakt was the first distilled product to use AR technology integrated with online media. During Carnival in Brazil, users who were impacted by the ad, could use a carnival mask filter, and did not have to download an app which provided a fun and seamless experience.


interaction with AR
(avg. of people who were impacted by the ad)
average per interaction

Second Phase

Re-targeting to continue the conversation.

Using data and segmentation, Teads re-targeted users that interacted with the first phase of the campaign with ads inviting them to try and share Absolut Extrakt. By clicking the ad, users could share a recipe made with Absolut Extrakt via WhatsApp. The recipe included a link to buy the beverage via Rappi.


users impacted
of frequency
the average CTR
completion rate

Products used

Teads Studio optimizes existing creative based on Creative Lab insights.

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