April 7, 2020

Brand Safety & Social Responsibility: Advertising in a Time of Crisis

The current challenges we are facing in the advertising industry have pushed us to lean in now more than ever. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to immensely affect our lives, we come to find ourselves in the thick of brand safety, a subject that has never been more prevalent across our world.
This is a topic dear to the heart of Teads’ SVP of Global Ad Operations, Meg Runeari. In this webinar, Meg discusses her personal beliefs about brand suitability, our efforts at Teads and most importantly, our collective responsibility to combat the challenges surrounding brand safety. Ultimately, we all hope to protect advertiser brands and support quality journalism, therefore coming together is the only way to do so.
Here are 5 takeaways from Meg’s webinar:

  1. Classifying brand safety and brand suitability is complicated. Universally, categories like crime, drugs, obscenity, terrorism and hate speech are considered unsafe. Brands should also include additional parameters according to their values and audiences.
  2. COVID-19 has become a complicated topic. While we can all agree, advertising does not belong near content about the harsh realities of the pandemic, COVID-19 now appears in content across many categories like food and entertainment. To eliminate all COVID-19 content is to eliminate millions of pages of inventory with actively engaged users.
  3. Unfortunately, this means publishers are losing significant amounts of inventory. The implications of defunding publishers is not only indirectly giving more reach to fake news and less brand safe environments but it’s also a threat to quality journalism and ultimately, our democracy.
  4. As The Global Media Platform, our mission is to support quality journalism and to do so we arm brands with layers of Brand Safety defense including 3rd party blocking tags through Double Verify & IAS, custom keyword blocking through our partnership with Grapeshot and more.
  5. Our industry is calling on advertisers to challenge brand safe vendors to create more customized solutions. In brand suitability – one size does not fit all.

Watch the webinar:

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