Focus on: Attention Economy

Why does Attention matter?

Attention matters because it predicts outcomes 3x better than viewability. Teads has partnered with leading media agencies and research organizations to gain a deeper understanding and to provide validated solutions on attention economy.

The 4 key drivers of Attention

As a result of several industry and Teads’ own studies, Teads has identified 4 key drivers that predict attention and the success of a campaign more effectively.

Quality of Media
Ad Experience
Ad Experience

Learn more about the drivers of this new metric by downloading our latest one-pager.

Test your expertise

How much do you really know about Attention?

Are you measuring what matters? Whether this is the first time you’ve heard of it, or consider yourself an attention expert, Teads’ Attention Economy Quiz will help you evaluate what steps you can take to make the most of your brand’s messaging. 

Research & Insights

Teads is working with trusted industry leaders to thoroughly research attention and the best ways to capture and measure it. We have developed studies individually, as well as in collaboration with forward-thinking partners to provide validated solutions and effective campaign outcomes.

With Teads, you can now plan, measure and get better outcomes for this new and more efficient metric.

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