As an exciting step forward in our mission to support a trusted media ecosystem, Teads is proud to announce a new partnership with NewsGuard, an organization revered by the industry for enabling journalists to rate and review the world’s news sites for trustworthiness and transparency. 

This partnership comes on the heels of a particularly challenging year in which advertisers, publishers, and consumers were frequently faced with the threats of disinformation, hate speech and “fake news” resulting in severe implications during both an election year in the US and a global pandemic.

In 2020, we saw the real-world impact of misinformation on topics ranging from public health to election integrity. But brands that want to avoid sending ad dollars to sources of harmful misinformation shouldn’t have to avoid news altogether. This partnership ensures advertisers, through Teads, can have a better alternative: access to credible, trusted news inventory while avoiding ad placements on harmful misinformation websites.   We applaud Teads’ leadership on this issue..”

Carter Stone, VP Business Development, NewsGuard

NewsGuard’s third party review by trained journalists powers Teads’ ongoing commitment to
Advertise Responsibly, which includes avoiding disinformation, supporting trustworthy news sources, and reinforcing the importance of quality journalism to fuel democracy. Reaching 1.9B globally, Teads’ mission is to enable brands to deliver their messages in environments free from disinformation, fraud, and hate speech. 

The partnership comes to life via a new integration of NewsGuard as part of Teads’ publisher vetting and auditing process, both at the onboarding stage and as an ongoing benchmark for quality. The approach applies a manual review of news and information sites through a transparent ratings process based on nine basic, apolitical, criteria of journalistic norms. With journalists participating across the globe, the process has international presence while leveraging local expertise. 

This independent validation will be integrated into Teads’ publisher vetting process, with NewsGuard-based filters applied on the SSP side on 100% of Teads inventory.* Even more exciting – this extra step to secure brand safety will be available for all Teads buyers by default, free of charge.

Complete our online course to find out more about how you can Advertise Responsibly.

*This applies to markets included in NewsGuard coverage


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