November 3, 2015

Amplifying Our inRead Offering



Ever since Teads first entered the digital video marketplace, advertisers’ demand for inRead, our most popular outstream video format, has been phenomenal. To keep pace with this mounting enthusiasm, the Teads Team has expanded its inRead offering to be called inRead Everywhere. Comprised of three new cross-screen video solutions, the inRead Everywhere portfolio was designed to meet advertisers’ various unique campaign goals and needs:

  • inRead 10: Built to optimize performance goals- like increasing engagement, viewability, and reach- inRead 10 only bills advertisers after at least 50% of the video has been completed on a user’s device for 10 seconds.
  • inRead Complete: For advertisers seeking the highest viewability guarantee, inRead Complete bills on a CPCV (cost-per-completed-view) basis. This means that advertisers are only billed after at least 50% of the video has been viewed for either 30 seconds on desktop, or 15 seconds on mobile.
  • inRead vCPM: With impressions charged only after 50% of the player has been in-view for 2 seconds, inRead vCPM is our most cost efficient offering, meets IAB guidelines for viewability, and is ideal for advertisers seeking to maximize a campaign’s reach and frequency.

To learn more about our suite of premium publisher partners; how to tap Teads’ inRead Everywhere offering; or work with our other successful outstream formats, send a note to


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