October 5, 2015

Advertising Matters: It Funds The Content We Love

According to Teads Research, 74% of internet users agree that being forced to watch an advertisement ruins their online experience. Given how the industry has historically turned to intrusive and annoying ad units, it should come at no surprise that users are embracing ad blockers at an alarming rate.

While, from a user-experience perspective, the proclivity to download ad blockers seems like a natural and understandable reaction, this trend posits serious and detrimental effects to the revenue streams of online content providers. According to Secret Media, 25% of revenue opportunities for online media companies was blocked when users streamed video. If the adoption of ad blockers continues to rise, it will be unsustainable for such media companies to keep providing audiences with free, high-quality editorial, video channels, and games.

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With 63% of US adults in agreement that society would be worse off without access to free or low-cost premium content, Teads has announced the debut of its Advertising Matters initiative. This push aims to raise awareness about how we can work together to improve advertising, keep online publishers profitable, and stem the tide of ad blocking.

In order to start being effective in taking action, it’s crucial to first become educated about the state of ad blocking. Start by visiting our Advertising Matters site to lean in on the conversation; downloading our whitepaper “The Power of Premium”; and reading our “Manifesto for Sustainable Advertising, which explores the root causes of ad blocking adoption, how the industry has reacted, as well as ad blocking’s potential consequences for publishers. This document also provides a comprehensive overview to the 10 simple solutions that you can abide by in order to curb ad blocking’s rise.

To keep the web free and available for all to access, we must stand together for user-friendly, non-intrusive advertising units.

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