February 23, 2015

7 things we learnt from Gen Y

In the run up to our attendance at the Mobile World Congress, we’ll be publishing a series of blogs around the topic of mobile. Make sure you pop by when we’re there!

Recently Teads and On Device worked together to investigate the media consumption habits and attitudes to advertising by Gen Y in the UK and US. Here are some of the things we learnt.

1. Who is Gen Y?

The digital industry loves a buzzword – Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Zzzzz, and it can be hard to know exactly who they’re talking about. You may also know Gen Y as the ‘Millennials’, young people typically born from the early 1980s to the early 2000s. In this case those surveyed were born from 1996-1980.

2. This is the digital generation

The average Gen Yer owns 3.6 devices. To put that into context, the average American home owns 3.6 Bibles. Our research also showed that the older they were, the greater spending power they had and the more devices they owned.

3. Online > Offline

Since purchasing these devices, 65% said that they spent more time online. This is time being taken away from traditional offline activities, like watching TV and reading magazines.



4. Mobile & video is a match made in heaven

1 in 3 consume video content everyday on their smartphone, compared to 1/5th who prefer to watch videos on PC or desktop.

5. We’re different across the pond

While in the USA video usage gradually increases as the day goes by, in the UK there is a strong and distinct peak in the early evening period. Video content is most likely to be accessed when relaxing or browsing in their free time, and 2/3rds of those prefer to watch video using wifi, which may account for the evening peaks.



6. It’s all happening in the bedroom

In the UK 53% watch video content at home, and of those viewing at home, 25% were watching it in their bedrooms. Oddly enough, in both the UK and USA only 1% of those surveyed watched videos in the bathroom, which is probably a good thing.

7. No pop ups please

62% feel that pop up ads are ‘unacceptable’ – pretty damning evidence for advertisers still using these formats. Adverts which used these tactics risk being perceived as ‘annoying’ and ‘timewasters’.

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