January 23, 2015

What I saw at Teads…

I’m a journalist in both France and Switzerland and I truly love my job! Over the last 25 years, my work has enabled me to meet many entrepreneurs, including my husband, Pierre Chappaz. Together with Bertrand Quesada, Pierre runs Teads, a start-up video advertising technology platform, whose blog you are now reading.

Teads is Pierre’s 3rd new internet business, although it’s his first venture into advertising. Better to say it up front: I don’t like advertising. Like most of my fellow journalists, I keep a safe distance between myself and advertising and consequently don’t know much about it.

However, I changed my point of view, thanks to my husband’s work. I’ve started to rub shoulders with Teads’ “Mad Men.” Sometimes I invite them for dinner at my house and I have begun to discover a new foreign language; words like “programmatic” and “SSP.”

I thought that Teads’ aim was to sell video advertising campaigns online. They do that, it’s true but, above all, their work is to ingeniously create. The Teads guys invent new video advertising formats on the internet. They are vigorously seeking new communication means whilst powering innovation. Even though I’ve met hundreds of entrepreneurs, I am still fascinated by the conviction that drives “discoverers”. They know they’ll get to where they want to go, and they’re not afraid of trying again and again. They set themselves to the task and succeed. And this is what Teads is all about.

The fact that much of American media as well as French and also European news websites, have adopted Teads’s inRead format, obviously caught my attention. Why has Teads become a big hit with the media, based on the ‘outstream’ format concept (videos ads broadcast outside of video editorial content)? Because this new type of format provides a tremendous service to editors in earning impressive new income for their publications. Whether it’s cleverly set between 2 paragraphs (the inRead format), between the header and the rest of the page (the inBoard format), between 2 slideshow photos (the inPicture format), or before a content download (the inChoice format), Teads advertising only starts at the moment you get to it, and it elegantly disappears if you don’t want to watch it. What a brilliant idea! In the context of the general media crisis we are faced with, Teads offers a drink to the thirsty “us” (the news sites) and an oasis of new revenues.

I recently had the opportunity to go to the United States and meet the New York Teads team. How does a medium-sized European start-up company think they can succeed in a market as huge and challenging as the United States? Here again, Teads has found the answer: recruit the best talent. The Teads teams’ passion and energy really impressed me.

Read my interviews with Teads US Managing Director Jim Daily and Rebecca Mahony, Chief Marketing Officer. These are just two of the Teads men and women hungry for success!

By Catherine Nivez

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