January 8, 2015

Video Advertising Predictions for 2015

Pierre Chappaz, our Executive Chairman and Co-Founder recently spoke to Vincent Flood at Video Ad News about what to expect in TV and video advertising in 2015.

He said:

‘According to research from Integral Ad Science, 70 percent of the video ads bought aren’t viewed. This is not just because of ad fraud, it is also because users do not like to be forced to watch a video ad, so they often escape pre-roll. Brands are aware of this situation and are asking the industry to ensure that in 2015 they’re paying for campaigns which are viewable.

At Teads, we have already begun championing the disruptive cost-per-view model, charging brands only for completed views. Furthermore, we are convinced that viewability will begin to be solved through innovative ad formats. By sticking to a view-to-play outstream format, adverts offer the user a more respectful experience and ensure they choose to watch.

Viewability will improve as advertising formats show an increased respect for the users. In return brands will have more valuable views from truly engaged users.’

Other CEOs of ad tech companies also feature in the article, which can be found in full here.

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