January 23, 2015

Interview With Rebecca Mahony

Rebecca Mahony directs marketing at Teads and was voted one of the most influential women in New York in 2015. This English woman is also a New Zealander (on her father’s side) and already learned to love traveling at a very young age.

Rebecca has been living in New York since May 2014 and expresses her fascination with ‘The Big Apple’, the center of the advertising world!

Catherine Nivez (C.N.): What surprised you the most upon arriving in New York?

Rebecca Mahony (R.M.): When I arrived here in May 2014, I knew I was in for a great ride! New York is one of the world’s most exhilarating cities, within the largest global advertising economy. So it has been a whirlwind, which has been both fascinating, insightful and hugely motivating! Everything is on such a big scale in New York! Coming from London, like me, one cannot help but be impressed. The US market is at least 4 times the size of the British market, so the opportunities are endless. But this size means that not only is the US an extremely important market but a saturated and challenging one too. So having made the headway that we have, in less than a year, makes me extremely proud of what we have achieved so far. We now have great brand recogniton in the media space here; after having started from scratch. It does take a lot of effort to stand out from the crowd, especially on the scale we have ambitions for, so I am extremely lucky to work with a talented team who share these same goals. And as for my new city, I’ve travelled a lot during my life but frankly, I’ve never seen a city as extraordinary as NYC!

C.N.: You joined Teads at its very beginning in 2011. What convinced you to be part of the company?

R.M.: I got to know Teads whilst I was a client of theirs. I worked for OMD (Omnicom Media Group) in London and defined the digital strategy for famous brands such as Sony and McDonald’s. What immediately struck me at Teads was their entrepreneurial energy. It was a small team with a great vision. I just clicked with the team. There is so much passion in this company! My colleagues adore what they do and they are very good at it. It was at this point that I wanted, needed, to be a part of this and I wasn’t disappointed. Teads is an amazing experience! The team are hungry and they know how to take on huge challenges.

C.N.: And what is the greatest marketing challenge for Teads?

R.M.: One of our biggest challenges is to successfully market the same product in regions as diverse as Asia, South America and Eastern Europe. Even in the United States, the East Coast and the West Coast are culturally quite different. So we keep this in mind by working differently on each coast.

Another great challenge is to make ourselves successfully heard over all the other video players in the US market which is an incredibly crowded marketplace. However, we are creators at Teads and are constantly innovating. And it is this innovation and love for what we do which is enabling us to literally reinvent the online video advertising industry. Through our technology, the fact that we are opening up premium video inventory which simply didn’t exist before and our outstream solutions (which place videos ads broadcast outside of video editorial content) we are bringing the future of the industry to our clients and publisher partners right now. But my ultimate goal this year in the United States is: when anyone thinks of the video advertising market, they automatically and naturally think of Teads.

C.N.: How do you intend to achieve these goals in 2015?

R.M.: We have really concentrated on building the right team. And with the solid base and high quality talent in the company we can continue to develop our marketing. Our positioning is as the thought leaders in the industry because we are! There is still much to be done, including showcasing all the great work our teams do on our website. Advertising our company to reach our target audience is also going to be important, as is creating top quality content and research and staying top of mind through speaking at leading industry events with our in-house experts.

C.N.: How many campaigns do you deliver each month?

R.M.: We distribute hundreds of campaigns each month all across the world for many Fortune 500 companies. All of our campaigns run ‘outstream’, which is our specialty along with our star format, ‘inRead’. We can reach up to a total of 680 million users worldwide per month through our campaigns, which includes 180 million in the United States.

C.N.: You also seem certain that you and your team are making this happen.

R.M.: Something like this comes about maybe once or a maximum of twice in a professional career. My very wise boss Pierre Chappaz told me that once and it is very true. Teads have found themselves in the right place at the right time with the right product. And we are lucky to have the best people in our team. It’s very exhilarating.

When you arrive in the US as a European, you are stimulated by the overwhelming enthusiasm of entrepreneurs here. People are so open to new and exciting business ideas and that’s exactly what we deliver. And when you are the “new kid on the block,” they are curious and they want to get to know you. The whole country is driven by this “startup” mentality. That’s so refreshing. It’s the same for Teads as it is for Americans; we have a real love for the product and the job. So just like Teads, I feel that I am at the right place at the right time working in this fantastic company in the Big Apple!


Written by Catherine Nivez

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