December 22, 2014

Teads’ Top 10 Moments of 2014

It’s been a pretty amazing year for Teads. We’re almost unrecognisable from how we were this time last year. Here’s a selection of our Top 10 moments from the last 12 months – enjoy.

1. Merger

Back in March, we announced that Ebuzzing and Teads were merging. Ebuzzing, one of the world’s fastest growing providers of technology-driven video advertising solutions and Teads, a video ad management supply side platform combined to create a global leader in video advertising, to become known as ‘Ebuzzing and Teads’.

2. Rebrand

For a while at least. In October we rebranded to Teads, marking a change in focus as we look towards the programmatic market and offer innovative new outstream video advertising formats to publishers and brands.

3. Work Hard, Play Hard

In celebration of this news we held launch parties across the world. London, NYC, Paris, Milan, Miami, Barcelona and Madrid, 7 spectacular nights which gave everyone a flavour of who we are. They were incredibly popular, so popular not everyone was able to get in (sorry again) but we’ve had brilliant feedback and the photos are incredible. Check out a selection of videos and photos from the global events below and on our Facebook.

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4. Insights

Can you predict Oscar winners from social media mentions? How much would it cost for an ad-free internet? This was just some of our research that hit the headlines this year. According to our investigation an ad-free web would cost £140 a year. Only 2 out of 100 people are prepared to spend this. We were blown away with the response to this data, appearing in articles worldwide from the US to Japan. We have more research and insights planned for release in the new year, so watch this space.

5. Awards

While we’ve always known our technology is pretty special, in November we were pleased to receive the award for ‘Best Technology’ for our inRead™ format. This award recognises the most innovative and/or effective online advertising technology and it really cemented our position as a leading technology company. This very shiny award and bright certificate is now pride of place in our London office. We were also awarded Global Growth Company status by the World Economic Forum, an award currently held by only 370 companies worldwide. This is given for exceeding industry standards in revenue growth, promoting innovative business practices and demonstrating leadership in corporate citizenship. In December we also received the amazing news that our CMO, Rebecca Mahony had been listed as one of New York Business Journal’s Women of Influence.

6. New offices and new leadership

2014 saw the expansion of Teads into new continents! We now have 25 offices in (drum roll please), Europe, the USA, Latam and Asia. In 2014 alone offices opened in Miami, New York, Chicago, Buenos Aires and Mexico City. In September we also welcomed Christophe Parcot as our Chief Operating Officer, along with many other strategic hirings worldwide.

7. Leaders in viewability

Viewability is a massive discussion in advertising right now. A 40% rise in video ad viewability can lead to a 75% rise in sales. However worldwide 70% of video ads are not viewable. Recently Google announced that 56.1% of all ads served on their platforms could never have been seen because they were served outside the browser window, which has been discussed prior on our blog.

Our formats like inRead™ tackle this problem because the ad is placed within the heart of editorial and only plays when 50% of the video is in screen. Brands are charged cost-per-completed-view (CCPV) so if a user doesn’t watch the video they aren’t charged.

We’re pleased that this year viewability has become a debate and one that we can offer our insights and expertise.

8. Mobile

Teads demonstrated further commitment to mobile video advertising this year. The inRead™ format is now available on mobile and tablet, having been scaled to provide a cross-platform solution. In addition other formats like inTab™, inFooter™ and inFlow™ have now been adopted by leading publishers. We’ve also commissioned research into Gen Y’s mobile video habits which will offer further insights for publishers in this growing market.

9. Dedication to our publishers

Our first EMEA and US Publishing Summits in December bought together leading publishers and digital experts from across the world. They discussed how to overcome challenges in this expanding industry and how best to capitalise on the opportunities offered. For a recap of our event, have a look at our blog of the UK event here. Further photos are also on our Facebook. We look forward to holding similar events worldwide next year.

10. What next?

We’re envisaging that 2015 will see further growth for Teads. We’re planning to list on NASDAQ, expand into new countries and make brand new partnerships.

What a year!

Have a great Christmas and Happy New Year!

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