November 5, 2014

UK Government Pledges to Boost Mobile Coverage

UK Culture secretary Sajid Javid has pledged to improve mobile coverage across rural areas in the UK. Currently, in a fifth of the UK, users are unable to receive adequate phone coverage to make a phone call, let alone access the internet or stream videos.

The government’s pledge to improve the state of mobile coverage in the UK will have a strong impact on advertisers operating throughout the United Kingdom. Mobile advertising is the fastest growing ad sector, with mobile video adspend in the UK growing by 196% in H1 2014, to £63 million.


Video advertising on mobile depends on users having fast, reliable internet connections which allow them to stream large files without encountering extensive buffering. The UK government’s decision to ensure mobile coverage meets the same high standard – whether the user is in London or the Outer Hebrides – is an encouraging move for advertisers and brands everywhere, and is sure to drive further growth in the sector.

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