November 11, 2014

Six Video Advertising Myths Debunked

1. Instream video formats are the only ways to distribute video advertising

There are many ways to distribute video advertising. Advertisers do not just need to rely on instream video advertising which places ads in front of video content. There are over six outstream formats which can effectively take its place.

2. Only publishers with video content can make money from video advertising

With the advent of outstream video advertising, where video ads are positioned outside of the video stream, publishers do not even need to create one video to make money from this lucrative revenue stream. Outstream advertising places video ads within the heart of editorial, ensuring all publishers can make money from video advertising.

3. Mobile video advertising is always in-app

While many third parties only distribute video advertising within apps there is a huge opportunity to place videos on the mobile web. Teads inRead format is available on both tablet and smartphones and places video advertising within premium mobile sites.

4. Viewability is an unsolvable problem

Many publishers, advertisers and third party distributers are struggling with the issue of viewability. There are two ways to ensure this problem is not an insurmountable challenge. Firstly ensure all views and impressions are monitored and tracked by third party research agencies so the percentage of the campaign that was viewable is tracked. Secondly choose formats which are viewable design. These formats only play when viewable on the page and pause if the format leaves the user’s view.

5. It’s not possible to place video advertising in premium environments

With outstream formats growing in popularity more and more first-class publishers are embracing video advertising. As the formats provide incremental revenues and complement, rather than impair, the user experience it has become simple to position video advertising in premium environments.

6. Without video sharing sites it’s impossible to get scale

Outstream video advertising means it is possible to achieve reach and scale without placing your video advert on video sharing sites which can cause issues around brand safety. By opening up video advertising to every single premium publisher on the web, regardless of whether they have video content, brands can share their video ads with millions of people worldwide.

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