August 12, 2014

Technology brands are back at the top of the Spotlight

Moving out from the shadow of the World Cup, technology brands have returned to poll position in the Spotlight on Social Video advertising.

Samsung’s impressive performance landed four videos in the Video Buzz Chart and has earnt them the title of top brand in July.


July in Numbers

In July 1,518 brands published 14,890 videos which were viewed over 472 million times.

Top Sectors


The technology sector was by far and away the best performing sector in July, with five videos from tech brands within the top 10. The sector produced 16% of all videos, which claimed 19% of the total views and 14.7% of all Facebook interactions.


Sports brand also performed well in July, due to the end of World Cup campaigns. The sector published 10% of all videos, took 12% of all views and 14.1% of all Facebook interactions. The sector’s Facebook interaction rate was a respectable 1.3% just 0.1% behind July’s average.


The entertainment category is always a solid performer and, with a glut of summer blockbusters on the cards, the sector posted very good results. 15% of all videos released were from entertainment brands and the sector took 23% of the total share of views (thanks to the long awaited 50 Shades of Grey trailer) and 29.5% of all Facebook interactions.

Top Brands


Samsung were the undisputed champions of July, posting the number one video and three others in the top ten. The brand published 0.9% of all videos yet claimed 8.5% of total views and 6.3% of the total Facebook interactions.


Unlike Samsung, Adidas’ success was largely due to one excellent video which was released shortly before the World Cup final. Adidas took 6.8% of all views in July and 6.3% of Facebook interactions.

Coca Cola

The drinks giant recently revamped their ‘Share a Coke’ campaign which boosted their video presence. Producing 1.2% of all videos, the brand took 3.5% of all views and 4.2% of all Facebook interactions.

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