July 24, 2014

Spend Less, Make More: The Outstream Video Opportunity

Jim Daily, US General Manager, recently spoke at the Digital Publisher Innovation Summit in New York and revealed how publishers can generate more revenue than ever before by using outstream formats to expand their inventory.

Here are the five things you need to know about video advertising to stay one step ahead of the game.


1. To stay competitive, it’s time to invest in video ads: In today’s advertising landscape, brands are spending serious money on video and it continues to increase. By 2017, advertisers will spend $76bn annually on video.

2. Video ads require serious commitment, but yield serious return: More so than other ad formats, producing video ads requires an extra commitment from advertisers. Making video is expensive and time consuming, often requiring the expertise of specialized video production teams to create, which makes it all the more important that these videos are seen.

3. Premium inventory provides substantial opportunities to set yourself apart: These expensive video ads have limited premium placement options. Right now, only 4% of online video is placed in what is considered premium inventory.

4. Publishers need more ad space. Online video ad inventory as we know it today is hard to scale, as digital displays typically have specialized, specific requirements to roll video content.

5. Go outstream to make sure your ads are seen clearly: Outstream video advertising provides publishers with a new revenue opportunity. It places an ad within editorial text, where ads have previously not been before, and does not interrupt the reading experience.

Teads believes ad unites should always be developed with the user in mind – simple and seamless. Dior, Armani and Lacoste, Forbes, The Financial Times and The Economist are among the premium brands and publishers already making use of revolutionary outstream formats to spend less and make more money.

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