June 10, 2014

Entertainment Brands Dominate May’s Spotlight on Social Video

The Teads Labs crawled over 16,000 branded videos in May to reveal the most viewed, liked and shared. As we headed towards the summer, entertainment brands stepped up their game, outperforming all other sectors.
May in numbers:

1,509 brands produced over 16,000 videos which were viewed 481 million times.

Top Sectors


Entertainment brands had an incredibly strong month in May, possibly due to advertising for this Summer’s blockbusters. The sector produced 14% of all videos, taking 26% of all views and a staggering 32% of all Facebook interactions. The combination of views and Facebook interactions led to an above average Facebook interaction rate of 2%, 0.5% higher than average.


In May videos produced by beverage brands accounted for 6% of all videos published. The sector took 10% of total views, the third highest, and 13.8% of all Facebook interactions, leading to a Facebook interaction rate of 2.3%. The success can partly be attributed to Coca Cola, who landed a video in the Video Buzz Chart.


The technology sector also had a strong month, placing four of the 10 top videos in the Video Buzz Chart. The sector produced 19% of all videos, taking 21% of the total views and receiving 15.3% of the total Facebook interactions.

Top Brands


Samsung always feature in the Spotlight on Social Video, but last month they dominated. The tech brand placed three videos in the Video Buzz Chart, taking 14.3% of total views and 9% of all Facebook interactions.


Disney produced 0.8% of all videos produced in May, taking 6.4% of total views and 5.2% of the total Facebook interactions. Although Disney didn’t manage to land a video in the top 10, its performance is still impressive.

Coca Cola

Coca Cola’s performance boosted the beverage sector in May. The drinks giant produced 1% of the total videos, one of which placed in the top 10, and received 5.3% of total views and 7.5% of total Facebook interactions.

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